Xiang Xi Primary School

the core idea of moral education to “seek the truth, to deliver goodness in words and to show beauty in behavior”,our enacts the training objective to “open up your body and soul, to think and act critically and to foster proficiency in all aspects” ,“cultivate a good thinker”.


Zhang Wenjin is a senior teacher in primary school, who was born in 1971. In the January of 2008, Zhang Wenjin became the vice-principal of Shen Zhen Cui Zhu Foreign Language Experimental Primary School. In the August of 2012, he became the principal of Shen Zhen Xiang Xi Primary School.

Glance of Xiangxi

  1. The exhibition
  2. The school office building
  3. The school Front Gate
  4. School aerial map
  5. Rest Area
  6. Playground
  7. Corridor beautiful
  8. Canteen
  9. Calligraphy Garden
  10. Calligraphy exhibition
  11. beautiful article
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